Golden Class Limo LLC in NY is the worst limo service ever! I called when I got off the plane and the guy said he would be outside (not in terminal w/ a sign like every other company I've used).

I had to call the guy 3 times & he ast in the car & watched me as I pulled 3 suitcases & put on his flashers by the 3rd call so I could find him, never once moving out of the driver seat! Then, told me my cc was declined, which was untrue & would drive me to ATM b/c would only take cash! Long story short, I finally had to call the cops b/c he said he was going to call saying I wouldn't pay him! Told him to go ahead & the cop laughed at him when he got there.

Every lie this guy tried to tell him backfired & basically the cop made them take a credit card payment.

Complete Nightmare! I've used MANY limo companies - none horrible like Golden Class Limo LLC!!!

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Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India #680620

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I had a problem with this company as well. I have used many limo- taxi company s and never had a problem.

I paid for my sons transporation both ways. On his pick up the to be taken home driver refused to take the credit card imprint. The driver kept saying cash only....even after the first driver in the night swiped it for both ways! My son called me nd said the driver wouldnt listen to him...and even after I was trying to explain to the dispatcher they still would not listen to me trying to explain.

Very rude.

Then they called the first driver and they agreed the card was indeed swiped both ways.....NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY. Stay away.


I AGREE!!! I had to lift bags myself and he was just so incredibly rude. Never using their service ever again!


im sorry you experience bad service from this company. me and my girl haven't had any complains yet. if a car breaks down its not human error, sorry there wasn't a car in the vicinity to pickup u otherwise, i guess they were pretty busy the day.


It's unfortunate that Golden Class did not meet your expectation, but that's not a good enough reason to encourage others not to use this company. I check their website and their prices are as good as taking a yellow cab.

Guess what you get what you bargained for. Keep in mind folks if you need good service you have to pay for it.

That a piece of advice for you out there who think that companies like Carmel or Dial 7 really stand up when it comes to service. P E A C E


I made an appointment with this company for a morning pick up for my boss and they NEVER showed!!

He missed his morning meeting and I did not hear the end of it. When he called to see why they did not meet him they said they were 5 minutes away.

Five minutes came and went and when we called again they said that the car had broken down and they were not coming! They didnt even bother to call back to call and say they were not coming.

Please avoid these people, do not let their professional website fool you. STAY AWAY!!

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